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Well, it's the time of the year everyone reflects back, so here we go.

20151024 153932 by Rogerregorroger
:icondoublesnl: being grown up with dogs all her life was lonely without pets, so we took 2 cats.
I preferred cats over dogs as then we can still leave for a day without worrying about them.
The one to the left is Doctor Zelda Von Doom. Technically Silvia's cat, but Zelda prefers me because I give her more candy.
The one to the right is Freddie Mercury Krueger. Technically my cat, but Freddie prefers Silvia because I scream and yell at it in anger whenever he claws, bites and jumps me in the middle of animating.

Takes some time for me to get used to that you can't just let food and decoarations anywhere, the little monsters destroy everything.
I brought over my old trainset I used to have as a kid so I could build a little christmas town this holiday season, so of course Mr. Krueger did his best Godzilla impression and attacked the defenseless town.

Godzilla by Rogerregorroger

Christmas presents I got: Captain Falcon Amiibo.
Mini hamburger making kit and a book about psychology.
A Nintendo money card for the E shop from :iconeuan-the-echidhog:
Thanks buddy!
Soon as I figure out how to transfer the data from my 3ds to a new and bigger SD card, I can buy some Smash Bros DLC for it.

Weird al Yankovic.
He came to Amsterdam for a second time so Silvia and I went to his concert again, this time taking a more expensive ticket to include a meet and greet.
I had no idea what a Meet and Greet was, so was secretly hoping it allowed me to really talk to the star for a while and do some sort of live action version of the april fools fake interview i did. You know, this one:

Interview with Weird Al Yankovic by Rogerregorroger
Alas, no. it's just being shoved in a crampy hallway for 15 minutes, quickly saying hi and making a photo with the star in a minute and being pushed out the door again. Yay.
20150930 230206 by Rogerregorroger

I did manage to say the opening line from my animated interview (I'm a huge fan, I illegally downloaded all of your albums) to see if he recognised it, combined with the screenshot on my shirt, but nope, altough he was amused by the line and my shirt regardless.
Silvia loved that Al did a peace sign with his hand after he signed our poster, referring to her hippie costume. So Al was great.
But yeah, very rushed.

In the end, the pre-concert show where the VIP guests could join in some games was the best part of the Meet and greet experience.
There was a cosplay, Quiz and playback and Dance competition and for some reason Silvia and I managed to win all 3 of them, going home with a signed drumstick, all of Al's band memebers autographs on a drum protection lid and a free hoodie. Sweet.
Here's a video of me dancing:

I feel bad for the other VIP's. Funny coincidence, the runner up winner was also called Roger. Which is an insanely rare name in the Netherlands. Ends up the guy was actually from Canada, then went to Italy for a job, and then traveled all the way to the Netherlands to get some culture... American culture.

New job. Started working in the post office distribution center early on in 2015.
What I love with postal work is that it's not so much a 9-5 job but more like a 9-Till you're done job.
Which I love, it's mentally more motivating and exciting that my work hours are directly tied to having an actual task to complete rather then arbirtuary staring at the clock till it's time.
Even tough TECHNICALLY I'm mostly being screwed over by the system, there's way more days I work overtime from the expected work hours then that I can go home early. But still, mentally it feels shorter, so I'm cool with it.

Besides the generic day job, I did have some freelance artist jobs on the side too.
The Schoolbook illustration job I did a few years ago had some follow ups, I illustrated 3 books now with a 4th in the works.

Boek by RogerregorrogerBoek2 by Rogerregorroger

Another victory for talentless bad artists like me. I'm still proud to think of all the school boys looking at the amateur art and ranting they could do a better job at it.
Ahh, just like I did with my school books decades ago. The circle of life continues.
Besides the book, there were a handful of other projects, most not going anywhere.

So, the weirdest thing that happened to me this year...
Every now and then I get hired to do an animation for some quirky manager. He might have to do some boring presentation for his collegues. So they want a stupid animation to spice things up. Usually simple organizations, started by a husband and wife turning their hobby into a full blown enterprise, so using all the quirky talent they can find with close aquintances to make it trough.
And I help them out, as the "friend of a friend of a friend" amateur doing them a friend's favor. Usually without pay, I consider it karmic payback for all the other times I get helped by others in life.

So then I got this new assignment to make a little animated intro for a presentation and was asked to come to the office for a briefing.
There, I was surprised and extremely intimidated when the adress given to me led to an enormous big goverment building at the core of the country instead of the small little studio office hidden in a little alley as I expected.
For whatever reason I was hired by an official goverment agent, pretty high up the chain.

Stadskantoor-02 by Rogerregorroger
So I suddenly find myslf into this super high tech mega office building. The guy only gave me his name and the time for the apointment, but even that wasn't enough for the receptionist to know where I needed to go and who she needed to call.
So I had to awkwardly run around the building trying to get my phone online to their server and retrieve the orginal emails for additional info.
And then find my way trough this labyrinth to the right office. It's a miracle I got there in time.

To make it even more awkward, the guy himself seemed to have no idea why I was asked to help them out with a big presentation, so he just started rambling in general about the meeting without ever specifying what my part in the whole ordeal was.

So while my poor brain was wrapping it's way around their presentations about communication protocols between factions, just when I was desperately hoping the guy would finally lay out exactly What My part in this entire mess was... Nothing.
The guy just stared at me, with a "So, why exactly were You asked to come here?" look on his face.
Yeah well, I know exactly why i was there, to get my assignment from YOU.

Thing was, it was the guy's boss who discovered my work trough a previous job I did, but she was too busy with other apointments so just left her assistent to deal with me without appearently explaining anything at all.
If I was a character in a televison show, I could have used the situation to turn the whole facade into a crazy sitcom situation.
Sadly I'm not, altough I did manage to take a huge jump in judgement and guess what I assumed my job was to the guy who was supposed to give me the job. So in the end I had to instruct HIM.

As the perfect cherry on the confusion sundae, after that weird briefing I ended up accidently losing my security acces pass in the automatic door system on my way out. So I was trapped on a floor desperately trying to climb over the high tech security gate as there weren't even any guards or other humans to help me out. Fortunately I could sneak behind someone else leaving after 15 minutes of awkwardness.

So great, a job I was hugely unqualified for, making an introduction to a high level presentation I barely understood, commisioned by someone to whom cartoons and art belong in the same mental category as martians and time travel.
Altough the advantage to working for someone who has absolutely no idea what magical alien things you were doing is that they can never tell you you're doing it wrong.

In the end, I mostly relied on my personal experience that serious bussines people LOVE cartoons and jokes when they contain things familair to them. Just that. Familair. Just show a logo, building or person they know in cartoon form and they're all excited.
I don't even have to understand it or be clever about it. So that's what it became in the end, a collection of visuals that vaguely have something to do with their situation to introduce the lecture.

There isn't much on an ending to this tale. After sending it in, I got one email that I needed to include a specific text, and after that just one more message that the animation is done and will be used. And that was it. No epilogue. No money for my travel expenses or anything else. Hm. I like to imagine the animation was such a disaster that the entire presentation became a violent disaster of all goverment officials hitting each other with chairs with noone let to tell the tale.

Sega by Rogerregorroger
Not sure if it's a smart idea to link to the final movie, but I did recycle one of the backgrounds I drew for it in my recent Sega video.
Tracing photo's and make em look cartoony. Ohh.

Other stuff this year...
:iconluke-the-f0x: and :iconkawaiisteffu: joined the small list of people who gained the mighty honor of visiting me at my house in the real world. The wonderful magical palace it is. Luke stayed a long weekend to visit Amsterdam and the Efteling, the Dutch equilevant of Disney World. Filmed some bits with him too, which I still need to use.
Steph mostly stayed with her boyfriend in Amsterdam and visited us one day for a game of cards against humanity.
Fantatic game. Great way to see what diffrent kind of humor everyone has. Some people always go for the shock effect, some just like being as random as possible, while I always want a "logical twist" to the punchlines. Very great game to learn about each other.

But enough about real life, the stuff people care about; my work past year and next year.

Man, 2015 a pretty bad year when it comes to my animations, only 9 finished, one right on the final day of 2015.
And most of them short and lazy too.
Ever since I moved to my own apartment last year, my production speed has gone downhill.
First just being drained and tired from moving, but right now I don't know why I'm still so slow. Flash is getting more and more uncooperative lately, despite me having a way better computer since last year. Drawing with the pencil tool for the Sonic and Tails segments of my Adventure parody surprised me in how smooth and fast that went. I think I'll go back to using that drawing tool again to see if that speeds up my process.

So yeah, animations for 2016.
At the moment I don't really want to think about new projects, I need a break from the Sonic adventure one. I skipped girlfriend quality time, excersizing, free time and even sleeping time the past weeks to get that thing done before new year.
Taking a couple days off first.

After that, I mostly want to pick up IMP again when I start.
Zody is getting more and more distanced and busy lately, which makes me realize I should really get the plot threads I set up going, as I may have to have some sort of finale or at least finish up some storylines to some degree if the gang ever falls apart and I need to have some kind of finale to wrap things up.

Impny by Rogerregorroger
Started some work on an episode about IMP in New York a few months ago. Tough not sure if that's the episode I'll immediatly continue on as I want to try out the diffrent drawing style first, which is awkard if I switch it halfway trough an episode. Well okay, that episode is only like, 5% done or so, but still.
Got 3 diffrent scripts already written and half voiced too, might pick one of those up first. One being Die Hard on a ski resort, one about Ginny becoming an exhibit for a presentation on endangered species and one being a sequel to the office ninja episode where Hhog get's revenge on the monkey causing their predicement.

Besides IMP, I should really finish that Phoenix Wright thing. I say that pretty much every year for the past half a decade, it's getting sad.
Got nothing else.Kingdom hearts 3 is coming this year? Guess I'll have to play that to see if it inspires a new parody. Tough that'll be months away.
And Freedom planet 2.
And of course tons of people want me to tackle Undertale, tough I fear by the time I got joke ideas and animated something, every joke has already been made.
Other game series? I don't know. Playing Assasin's creed 3, Just cause 2 and Yakuza 5 now whenever I allow myself gaming time, so who knows if they inspire me.

As for Sonic, eh. The current direction of the series is quickly draining my interest in the series in terms of gameplay, setting, characters and story and music. Just everything about Sonic is dull, slow and obnoxious.
So unless Sonic 2016 is spectacular, my involvement with that series will probably go down.

Maybe make a few last remaining Sonic in minutes about the last few games I give a hoot about and that's it.
Altough it seems Sonic and Mario at the Rio games has an Adventure mode again in the 3ds version.
Those are usually amusing enough to warrant a parody.

Got no ideas for Dissected other then the anthro one I still need to finish.
Pffrt, and April fools is coming soon too and I have zero inspiration for that yet. Blgrgh.
So, that's my current stance on what future projects are coming.

Oh right, and here's the 2 last Dissected video's I made since the last journal.
Sonic secret rings dicussion with :iconeliselowing: :

Discussion on Metal Sonic and Shadow's appearence on Sonic Boom:
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Siilikala Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Hi. I hope you don´t mind me being maybe a bit pushy coming here talking but I have made some findings about Pontacs writing style. Since there´s those rumours about him having something to do with new material on Sonic I thought this would be useful. I watched few days back one of those “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures” episodes Pontac has written. Now I have an idea from who that Tails´ biplane talk in Lost World might´ve come from, not sure tough. He has also done some other interesting stuff in said episode, and also in some others. Thought it would be good idea to let you know there´s something he´s done nowadays (for more than just one episode) that could be used as reference about his writing style since said show is for kids, kind of like some consider Sonic nowadays. If you have noticed this already I´m sorry for wasting your time.Sweating a little... 

Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the head's up.
Not really in the mood to get familair with his style right now, but Fire and Ice is out....Sigh, and if he's writer of Sonic 2016 as well, Ill check it out.
Siilikala Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I´m happy if it helped in any way. That episode was called "Meanie Genie" if I recall it right. Not maybe funniest episode of the world but it seems to try at least, or something.
We can always hope he digs this time a little bit deeper when searching for reference material, if he does write for that new anniversary game that is. (Btw about writers did you know Ian Flynn had a small " kind of campaign" in Twitter some time ago? I suppose he wanted to see how many of people would like him to write for the game.)  
shdowhunt60 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Double Pontaff bingo. Yay.

To be honest I wasn't expected a cool story anyway, they burned all the bridges to have sonic not be a self loathing sarcastic one liner fest again.
shdowhunt60 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I think it's pretty hilarious about how he mentions how he has many Sonic fans, despite the increasing backlash.
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm pretty sure that statement was meant sarcastic.
(2 Replies)
Frobman Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016   Filmographer
Is it relevant to mention that Ken Pontac is writing a Wacky Races comic that's that mixed with Mad Max?…

(Personally, looking forward to Doc Shaner and Jeff Parker doing Future Quest, if their previous Flash Gordon series is anything to go by)
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Damnit, why can't he have That sense of humor when it comes to Sonic?
Altough maybe he makes that comic boring too despite the fantastic concept.
I should track it down and see.

But yeah, seems like a great general series, putting twists on old hannah Barbera cartoons.
KHJason20 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student General Artist
What on Earth! I didn't even know that got an IMP related suggestion!

(Deep breaths)

Okay, let me be honest. I don't think is gonna take independently made internet shows for their excellent countdowns, though I wish they did.
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