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Well whoops, neglected to make a Journal telling you I was going to Comic con in london past weekend.
Mostly because I was animating that Smash bros cartoon until 30 minutes before having to pack my stuff and run off.
Yay, nerd.

Had a good time. Always fun to pick up millions of people on the 3ds since I barely get any hits on regular days.
Saw some cool cosplayers. Mostly hundreds of captain america's and storm troopers but there were a couple surprises, like Rincewind the wizard, NiGHTS, Tintin, Arale from Dr. Slump and Sally Acorn. Surprisingly few Sonic Cosplayers actually, now I think about it.
Guess Summer of Sonic spoiled me.

Nothing's more fun then going to the bathroom then, peeing next to a cosplayer. Well, here I am, standing next to Sora in the bathroom stall. Hah, maybe this guy is a fan of my animation parodies? Oh yes, little does this guy know he's peeing next to me, the incredible hero of his favorite animations, ho ho ho. Wait, but what if this cosplayer is actually an official crewmember of Square Enix? There are real actors and such walking around here too, or do they have their own secret hidden toilets instead?
Ahh, the many thoughts running trough your brain.

So yeah, here's the group i was with, the usual British/Dutch folk I hang out with;
10351735 10204480413162737 2340716125068924218 N by Rogerregorroger
Photo from Generalsupertoad
Steph cosplayed as Tawny bandicoot, together with a friend of hers as Coco. And went and met the offocial voice actor of Neo Cortext too, Lucky  bastards. Luke dressed up as Captain Haddock, and the last one to visibly have that costume on in this picture. The rest has their costumes hidden underneath their coats or already removed, Orléans as a Pokemon, Euan as Eggman, Silvia as Link, Danbuster as Linebeck, and I dressed up as..Myself, dissected version. Yay, I seem to cosplay as nothing else but myself all the time. Tough as usual, it's for a reason...

Blah blah blah, was fun, spend too much money buying exotic candy, Retro Saturn and n64 games and webcomics I could read for free on the net but now have in book form for the busride home, except I couldn't read them on the busride because I didn't have enough room to be turning the pages. Was on the lookout for Sonic Boom figures, since I love that Dr. Eggman design. But alas, nothing. Ah well, show's starting in a few weeks now, was it? The merchendise should be out sooner or later. An eggman figure is litteraly the only thing I'm looking forward too with Sonic Boom.

Anyway, home again. Back to work. Except not.
My pc died, so I'm not doing anything for a while.

At least I just happened to have bought myself a new computer before vacation so replacement is coming soon, but yeah, it won't be delivered until this weekend, not to mention it's going to be a pain to get the work files back.
Oh, and of Kingdom hearts bored to sleep. Ghah, as if production of that video wasn't problematic enough, now I probably lost that file too. Not that I made too much progress, but still... That's 2 day's work gone.

So yeah, gotta figure that out. For now, I suppose at least I got free time now to catch up on the videogames I never have time for. Finally trying out the Arcade controller Ruben got me for my birthday for the Saturn, and actually start unlocking stuff in Fighters megamix and Christmas nights now I have a memory card. It was expensive but nothing's too expensive to finally be able to have a car as a fighter.
And playing Sonic and the black knight since I got soo many requests in talking about that game in Dissected, and I have to admit I never gave it much of a chance. Playing it more thoroughly it's a lot better then I thought.
Inspiration for new parodies, arghh, no. Keep getting distracted from Kingdumb Hearts.

Oh right, and new Sonic Dissected. Not too happy about this one, but whatever. Frobman returns, defending Lost world:…


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CFood Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
I watch all of your Sonic Dissected stuff and I agree with them all.  I think a lot of that stuff myself.  All of my friends know who you are because of me, and whenever I start ranting about Sonic, they ask "Are you quoting rogerregorroger again?" LMAO

One day I'd really like to talk to you like on Skype or something about Sonic (but that's just the desires of a fan really). But I feel it would just be a circlejerk and nothing useful would come out of it.

But I must ask, can you make a comment about Sonic Underground? I feel it's severely over looked. Or if you haven't seen it, do you think you could? (and then comment on it) There's only 40 episodes so it's not that long.  I enjoyed it, but that was 7 years ago when I was 12 and inhaled everything Sonic and mindlessly enjoyed everything, lmao.
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, I suppose I should talk about the other series some day, especially since I already broke my "only games" rule by talking about Sonic Boom...
Dunno, don't have much to say about it at the moment.
Never seen Sonic underground, so have to catch up.

I guess you can talk to my on Skype, I get random weirdo's on there all the time.
Considering you ask permission first and are aware of the possibility I'm not interested in talking to you already gives you several points over most people.
Give you the skype name trough Note, there's already too many people who randomly find out what my skypename is trough some other leak. Don't need more.
CFood Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Well thanks.  And yeah, you seem really cool that you've replied to almost every comment you get from what I notice. But that doesn't mean you want to actually talk to everyone on a platform like Skype.  But I'll go ahead and add you and probably nothing more will happen since life.

But it's really cool to see the fan (and possibly hater since I don't bother reading them all myself) interaction in comments however.

Looking forward to more Sonic digested.  And the in minutes are always cool.
DarkCatTheKhajjit Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey Roger.

It's been awhile hasn't it?

Well, how are you lately?
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm doing fine I suppose, you?
DarkCatTheKhajjit Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist

I'm doing good thanks :)

I see you like Sonic Boom right?
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Uh... Like? I don't hate it and recognise it has a lot of qualities I suppose.
But the 3ds game is not my cup of tea, the Wii U game the kidn of platformer that's kinda fun but I'll be bored by 3 hours in and never finish and the tv show is only amusing if I turn my brain off and forget it's a Sonic show.
(1 Reply)
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
:icondiamoneyes::iconsaysplz:Just here to say HELLO!!!
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
And discoing my frontpage into groovyness I see?
Alright, groove on brother.
SpeedComics Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Artist

I once had an idea for a Sonic reboot and, while most of the stuff I thought up wasn't really that much worth the effort, I'm still wondering if my new thought up story for shadow was good or just a really bad idea.

He was going to be an amnesiac hedgehog Eggman found frozen in the ice with two missing legs, unlike in the game series he wasn't going to try to get back his memories and instead was simply going to follow the flow of whatever was happening, Eggman would've built two robot legs for him allowing him to skate and, although at first he was going to be Eggman's minion for saving his life, he would later abandon him after being left to die, which instead of taking badly, Shadow just thought that made them even now...

But that's not the part that made me wonder whether it was a good idea or not...

The thing that always made me wonder how it would've turned out was when his past was actually revealed...ok, hold on tight, whether it's good or not, it's surely gonna be weird...

Maria instead of being Gerald's granddaughter...was going to be Shadow's hedgehog mother... You think that's much of a stretch? Wait until you hear who the father is!

Turns out Maria had a relationship with someone it would be pretty much forbidden to have a relation with, making her offspring an outrageous thing to exist... Who was that relationship with?... An Alien...

Yep... Shadow's father and Maria's lover... Was Black Doom...

Of course, the idea was to redesign Black Doom into a more Hedgehog looking being so their relation wouldn't be seen as cringy as it's probably looking in your head...
There would come a point where the people would find out about Maria and go on a rampage against the whole family, killing Maria and ripping Shadow's legs, Black Doom would've saved Shadow, leaving him into ice so he'd be safe while Black Doom would leave back to his planet in order to look for back up...

Oh... And before being frozen Shadow was called Terios Doom, being the name Shadow the Hedgehog how Eggman named him based in his rensemblance with Sonic since Shadow didn't even remembered his own name, it's actually a reference as to how he was originally planned to be named in Sonic Adventure 2.

So... What did you thought of this little thing? An interesting idea? A bit of a stretch? A train wreck?

Whatever it is I left the intentions of this Sonic Reboot in order to go do my own things, but I was always curious as to how this would've being received.
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