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The Pirate Madeline Page 6: did we win yet? by Randommode

Okay, so, my thoughts on the Hokey Pokey Pirate Madeline saga thing. First of all, the art. I love it. Especially the color use. You na...

Hah, wrote a giant journal about the Sonic stuff and all of that ended up being wrong and fake.
And to rub it in further, real anouncements are made a day after.

Well whatever, yes, new trailer, and the designs revealed:……

Heh, now I hate talking about it before I'm making a fuzz over a hoax again.
HehI love how much energy and personality Tails and Amy have there, while Sonic and knuckles just vaguely stare.
Wearing Sports tapes now, huh? For added realism? Cool, about time Sonic got a Gritty Christopher Nolan reboot.

And so the game is Sonic Heroes 2, with some Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank mixed in huh?
Very cool. Not entirely sold yet, but no complaints from me. Don't see any pink donuts or block puzzles yet so there's an enormous relief. Landscapes look a TOUCH generic, but I have hope.

Heh, and everyone falling on their face but Amy. Are they trying to rewrite her into a stoic humorless action heroine now? Hmm...

Well damn, everything I feared seems unfounded and several things I wanted to see are confirmed.
Seems it's going in a good direction, altough it'll take a long time before I get used to Knuckles.
Never the less, more interested in this then I ever was about lost world.

And damn, then there's this Sega 90's style racer I suddenly discovered:…
Man, I may want to get a Wii u after all. Curses.

Oh and the Tv show:…
Dialogue is still meh, tough much more physical comedy and they actually have a couple scenes straight without pushing comic relief in our faces, so better then Colors/ Lost world.
And do I see a complete lack of a mention of anyone called Pontac or Graff? Ohhh…
Hmm, but what is this "to explore a new world" thing they mention? Are they going to get thrown into a diffrent dimension again like Sonic X or is this brianless PR talk? Hm
Heh, and it seems Eggman also had a little design change. The dude's got beefed up.
Must be all that gesturing while talking and running as fast as Sonic.
But anyway, sweet, I might not hate this show. In fact, it could be fun. Still slightly cautious, but bring it on.


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Piecing it together: Some Sensible Changes
-The guardian of the Earth passes his mantle down through the ages. Chaos, Shadow,  Sonic, and Silver are confirmed as such.
-Despite how confusing, Shadow survived the fall because his wrist rings were actually power inhibitors. Sonic removes one at the end of SA2, allowing Shadow to tap into the chaos force to slow his fall.
-The details surrounding Gerald's death don't add up because he was framed by a rival scientist who worked with him on the biolizard. Call him Freud Sigmund why not, became jealous after Gerald single handly "creates" Shadow, the Hedgehog.
-Shadow was found by Gerald when researching the chaos emeralds and chaos at the mystic ruins, from which Gerald gained the know-how to make artificial chaos, and the ARK canon.
-Shadow lived among a chaos worshipping hedgehog tribe near the mystic ruin area until superstituous neighboring villages attacked seeking to slaughter them, and they were all but successful. As young Shadow witness the death of everyone he loves, he is pushed over the edge, and his hidden powers emerge. He goes out of control and wipes out every last one of the invaders, and mares the surrounding landscape which canonically would be the creation of the pumpkin hill/ red mountain area. Gerald, who was nearby, finds him, and places power inhibitors on wrists after witnessing the ruin he caused.
Rogerregorroger Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Are these fan theories?

Sound very plausible I guess.
It's just the direction I'd push the series if I had the power to do such; adding in well thought out mythos and backstories. If the writers established some rules that balance out and clean up what's been established then it would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Everything surrounding Shadow, chaos powers included, and the chaos Emeralds is a big mess, and that's what I'd want to fix. They could even make a good story out of explaining it.
Rogerregorroger 6 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
True, tough you have to do it in a way that makes the story stand alone.
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Random topic: basically
I personally like Amy's obsession with Sonic, even when it's extreme, and even if it's become cliche. It's a role reversal of the stereotypical "Perverted" man chases after women and then is brutally maimed for even daring to have a simdgit of attraction for anyone or anything.

There needs to me more examples in media that balance out dating dynamics. It's absurd that total responsibility to start any or all relationships rests on men.

I don't care how extreme or over used her obsession is. I don't care how Sonic Rush, Unleashed nor Generations go about presenting her obsession with Sonic; It's one of the few, if not the only, successful bits of cultural humor in recent Sonic games, and it's a staple of her character. To me she's the female equivalent of Johnny Bravo, so Amy with out an extreme Sonic  obsession would be like a Johnny Bravo who didn't hit on every women he saw. 

Amy's obession just needs to show up at some point in each game for her to feel like Amy. Lost World Amy doesn't feel like Amy (Not that she's had much, pfft any character development in a long time, I'll give you that), but she's just generic. it's a harmless running gag that I possibly will never grow tired of viewing.

Of course, it's great for characters to have more than one personality trait, but of all of the Sonic characters, she has the most entertaining and interesting defining trait; so, if the writers are going to be lazy at developing and writing for any of the characters, I'm glad when they choose Amy. It's much better than being lazy and writing Knuckles as always angry and "stupid" or Shadow as always annoyed and detached; like he hates everyone around him and he's too good for them. He's that way in Shadow the Hedgehog and elsewhere I strongly dislike it.
Rogerregorroger Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
....That is a good point.

My only problem with it is that Amy's never really punished for her perverted or obsessed behaviour, which is also an important part of this character flaw (After all, Johnny Bravo constantly get's knocked around, and every pervert in anime will see themselves flying into the sky)
Because this lack of karma, the humor feels off.

The few times Amy does get some kind of punishment, it's not appoperiate (In Sonic riders where she's beaten up by Sonic just for trying to save the day for once)
So the only time Amy as a comedy obsessive idiot is KIND of written correctly is in...Sonic generations, heh. Go figure.
But yeah, that's the only time she's properly treated like a  Johnny Bravo while in most other games it's played for a' aww cute" with Amy even chasing Sonic after with a hammer often (Heh, imagine a Johnny Bravo short ending with a girl running for dear life while Johnny chases her with an axe for rejecting him)

But sure, I could mention this in a Sonic dissected once.
Huh, i guess it would kind of ruin the joke if Sonic blankly stared with no reaction, or all of a sudden he did express his love for her unless he's actually playing a prank on her where, after taking her hand and asking her to marry him he says," Ha ha fooled you. Like I'd ever marry you." to which Amy runs away crying for the dark humor route or slaps him in the face for the karma route.

Punishment needs to fit the crime and the person committing it. Could we not consider a silent head shake, or active rejection is enough because Sonic's more powerful? Most people wouldn't literally want to see Amy beat up by Sonic. That's like a teenager beating up a child that has a crush on him. It doesn't feel right even if it is obsessive. I guess Amy's only like Johnny in the sense that she's chasing the opposite sex. That's more so what I meant. Otherwise her personality and position are completely different. Amy chasing Sonic even with a hammer is still harmless joking because COULD beat her up if he wanted to. Sonic himself is really just fooling around by running away.

Panini chasing after Chowder, from the show Chowder, is almost exactly like Amy after Sonic. The punishment there is that she's being vigorously rejected, and it works well.  Karma humor only makes sense  if the parodier is trying to present an activity as wrong and the viewer agrees the activity is wrong.  When Amy beats up Sonic for rejecting her it could actually be seen as a parody of men who are afraid of commitment 

My mind is just naturally heavily focused on what it perceives is real, or normal, rather than what isn't or what could be so when I'm presented with anything that so clearly does not match up with my experience of what is real and true or not even possible, it makes me laugh

I don't truthfully find the karma part of the gag funny in fact I tend to feel bad for Johnny. It's the exaggeration and divergence from perceived norm aspect;absurdity. It's the supposition that some guy would actually be like and act the way Johnny does that makes me laugh: Being absurdly buff, ripping his shirt off, using cheesy over the top pick-up lines. The supposition behind the women is absurd too: Stick figure women beating up this big buff guy in an over the top way;exaggeration and absurdity. It's the same mentality for Amy.

The divergence from perceived norm, absurdity, of Amy's relationship to and behavior towards Sonic is what makes me laugh, not the idea that she's a stupid idiot; I don't think that; I like Amy, she's unique. I'm so used to thinking that it's the guys job to do all the work and be interested, that the idea of a woman chasing after a man is in and of itself funny to me. What's more is that she takes her interest and chasing after Sonic to an extreme. The more extreme it is, the more absurd it is, and the more absurd it is, the more departs from the norm, and the more I laugh. 
Rogerregorroger 6 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Alright, I gotcha.
Far as I'm concerned, it all boils down to balance as always.
I don't mind Amy chasing after Sonic at all, it's amsing, just most games do it during inaproperiate times.
That's what makes Amy look like a fool, not the chasing itself.
Comedic timing is everything. Just the right amount of absurdity in a situation where it provides a contrast and would be funny but not too stupid.

Hate overglorifying Sonic adventure 2 so much, but it's the best example I can think of.
Amy's obsession with Sonic being her primary motive to join the adventure and something she does during quiet moments to tease him. But when the dangers start piling up she tones down.
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I finally made my first review show, I hope it's not banned in your country. Check out the credits for a surprise
Rogerregorroger Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay, let's see....

Love the way you filmed yourself in the shadows, that's a neat touch.

Hm, your voice. In general your voice is pretty good, well articulated and pleasant to listen to.
Tough I don't know, there's a weird sound too it, a little slurring every now and then.
Not too bad, I expect if you do these video's more and more it'll diminish.

Well edited, broad use of clips for varation including behind the scenes material, neat.
Must be a pain with the credits.

Review is a bit too slow and explains a little too many obvious things, like the Disney rip offs, for my taste tough.

Oh yeah, I like 2d/ 3d hybrit stuff too. Yay Cell shading.

Heh, typical how the musical numbers IN the movie are better then the radio/ end credit version, is it?
I notice that with almost every animated feature, the songs of Aladdin or theme of Shrek is so much better in the actual score then the radio version. Explains why most radio songs are so boring to me, all strong instrumentals thrown out for generic noise.

Never saw Spirit, but got some respect for it now you showed me the animation of the horses without the dialogue.

Didn't understand the point of comparing the rock chase Spirit scene with Die hard with a Vengeance metro scene.

Only noticed one audio cut where you probably edited a sentence you said out. Well done! You're better then me, I have least have 20 of these in each video. Probably becaue you talk slower it's easier to get things right and edit flaws out.

......Okay, so surreal seeing my name among James Rofle and Doug Walker and such.

So, ultimately your review is a bit too slow and long for the amount of things you have to say. But that might be me.
Other then that, good job on edeting and visuals. You keep things interesting and varied and put effort into it.
Writing style is informative, broad and occasionaly amusing tough very neutral. If you're doing this for fun, no worries, keep on doing this and I'm sure the pace will evolve with you.
If you want more chance at more succes, you may want to get more of a personality or own voice to this.
Not becoming a screaming mad man like most reviewers tough, but some sort of thing. I dunno. Hard to say what get's attention on the internet.
That's all.
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