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December 22, 2012
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There was a little glitch that took me 5 minutes to fix...And 90 minutes of screaming and yelling at my computer to get in the position to be able to fix it in 5 minutes.

So, ever since I finally got my playstation online, I've been scouting PSN for some Sega classics, like House of the dead 4 and NiGHTS.

I already have NiGHTS on an actual Saturn, but yeah, gotta keep encouraging Sega to leave the porn and bullying 3ds developers and start earning their money more by bringing in some good old classics.

Anyway, didn't expect NiGHTS HD to have the christmas NiGHTS extra included.
I expected even less for it to have a storyline.
ANd expected even less it'd be funny enoguht ot make fun of, but jup.
This video is barely a parody of the original story, it's almost full on remake. Heh. Ah well.

Sucks they didn't have the Sonic in NiGHTS option in the HD version. Boo.
This is probably my last genuine animation of 2012.
Sorry people. Crazy busy the next week.
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Berserkbiter Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I always found it strange in the actual game how they would both come to the conclusion that Gillwing must have taken the star, even moreso how they travelled there when they can only do so by falling asleep. I assume NiGHTS' world now is like a seperate dimension that co-exists with the 'real world' in where creatures can just jump in and out of constantly?

Oh well, nice explanation/spoof of the story right there.
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
no idea how it works.
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
You really are a GOD of Humor!! :worship::iconrogerregorroger:
CooperKid248 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
XD I laughed too much at all of this, especially when Jackle was singing. Poor Jackle... I love your animations. They always make me laugh.
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Glad you like em!
PinksteinFloyd Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Because violence is all you need to solve the world's problems, kids! 

MG4M3R Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
OMG, they are Sonic and Amy in Human Form!
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
In color perhaps, but not in personality. Heh.
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Heh, what a silly story.
"We must save the spirit of Christmas - by falling asleep immediatelly!"

I especially liked the part where the kid fell on his face. :lol:
And in the end, isn't that what Christmas is all about? =P

:iconcobbseesplz: Hm... maybe that's just because of my selection of music on my audioplayer, but I believe this needs more "Inception" references, soundeffects and music. They are entering a shared dream, after all.

:iconmorpheuspls: ...and what if it all ended with Nights waking up in a bed, and it turns out "it was aaaall just a dream"?

:iconkawashimaplz: ...and then the severed 3D head of Dr. Kawashima shows up, just to mess with the audience. =P
(I really liked that one from the Monkey Fried Paperclip shows, it should be a running gag.
I mean... you can easily vary the visual gag by exchanging the awkwardly-polygon...y 3D model of Dr. Kawashima's head with OTHER equally awkwardly polygon-y 3D heads. Like Andros from Starfox, the Super Mario 64 title screen head, or anything from a sufficiently old 3D videogame, really. :P )
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Haha, great suggestions.
Unfortunately I tend to stick with the source now more then to throw in other random references.
Maybe next time.
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