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April 15, 2008
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Gah.. count to 10..deep breath.. oh dear...

Tried a few tricks for improved graphics, and tough I like the results, my PC clearly can't handle it, for the final few scenes I animated, drawing became a dance with death, every line I put down might make the whole computer crash, I had to redraw several sequences several times. Yay.
So seems I better cut this movie in pieces.. lot's and lot's of pieces ^^;
Altough part 2 and up won't come any soon, since I have several other unfinished projects still begging to be picked up, so I guess this one will end up in the "wait till I finally get my act together" limbo together with IMP 29 and the Sonic movie and Phoenix Wright and Kingdumb hearts 5 and what else.

And ahh, NiGHTS.. Made by the same team who made Shadow's game, and boy does it show. Gameplay itself is fun tough, heck I beat the game even with the yellow secret Ideya, so that's saying much from a guy who abandonnes most games after the first few stages. Then again, I liked Shadow's gameplay too, so maybe I'm just stupid.
Some stages, especailly Will's Broadway level, seem to have jumped straight from a Sonic game, minus the speed..err, and minus the battling robots, now you just toss lame orbs to lame seahorses, whoo.

The storyline is awesome tough, so much insanity. Owl's pretty much Omochao's twin brother, giving endless tutorial speeches even after you already beat the game, and Wizeman's pretty much like any evil dictator in a videogame, staring randomly into space all the time not doing anything.
Altough where normal villains, like Ganondorf, at least play organ while waiting for the hero to come up and crush a sword in their forehead, not to mention actually fighting the hero during the final fight, Wizeman pretty much stares off into space all the time, even DURING the final fight. Good thing there's a couple random fireballs floating in the air that might or might not slightly delay me in punching a defenseless Wizeman in the face, to give the battle some challenge.
Then again, with exception of a Cerberus dog battle and maybe Reala, none of the bosses seem much interested in attacking NiGHTS or anything.
Also gotta love the poor normal enemies in the levels, I didn't even notice there were enemies in the levels untill I beat half the game, since you fly with 500 miles an hour trough those stages. Poor useless Wizeman soldiers.

So a big cheers for Wizeman and his men, the most useless and ineffectual villains I've seen since I read the Lord of the Rings books. More insanity in the next parts. And thanks to
:iconwolfdragon: (Will)
:iconcopycat-the-unknown: (Reala)
:iconnightdragon: (NiGHTS and Helen (doesn't appear yet)
for voices!

NiGHTS copyrighted by Sega n stuff.
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